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Valuxe Real Estate
About The Founder

Junaid Abbasi is a real estate broker based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He specializes in commercial and residential properties. After just five years in the industry, he obtained his broker’s license and founded his own company, Valuxe Real Estate. At Valuxe, Junaid leads a team of dynamic and collaborative professionals who are dedicated to providing luxurious and valuable experience to every client.

Junaid is driven by passion and excellence in all he does, and this is reflected in his company’s values and commitment to providing exceptional service. He is motivated by a desire to enrich and positively impact the lives of those around him, and this is evident in the way he approaches his work and the relationships with his clients.

In his spare time, Junaid enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Through this, he looks to immerse himself into different cultures, as well as adopting diverse architecture and unique experiences. He’s constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to grow his community and company.

This drive to enrich the lives of those around him sets Junaid apart both as a valued member of his community and as a leader.

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